Won't Wear A White Dress To Your Wedding

by Party Hospital

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released November 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Party Hospital New York, New York

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Track Name: High Bangs
i only needed a bottle of fluid
to make it to the bottom
needed to do it
needed to screw it up

slowly beating the product into me
the cake is all but rotten
eating the sewage
repeatedly spew it up

all the times
i believed my own lies
i paid for it
but no i didn't really

all the lines that i crossed were so thin
i just despise your skin
i need to bite your grin
Track Name: Through The Screen
suck your lip
take a pic
fix your dreams
hard beauty queen
now post it or your clique
suck your gut
take your cut
fix your light
soft dolomite
and post it for your slut

chew through the screen
to be seen
all the world is here
to view your rear and cream

clean your gash
green for cash
make a scene
hard beauty queen
while jiggling your ash
hit the gym
weights are pinned
muscles tight
self dolomite
now kill yourself again
Track Name: Crying In The Cake
licking honey off a thorn
a piece of blow was in the horn
been reborn
i sin no more
i'm fit to kill this skinny form
taste a little dust and now you're this star
never collapsing for mars
im not trying to grin on oxygen
you've been slipping in
through the bushes
none of your business
what the hell is this
Track Name: Last Song Of The Night
i need you
to sing me
to sleep i
had too much
to drink and
im sinking
into your
mystique and
im blinking
im fading
im melting
im thinking
in waiting
im breaking

she's on a mission
to break her ovaries
over and over
mold on her rosaries

she tattooed a heart on her finger
only gave her one night to remember
please come back
stuck up like a thumbtack

people are lonely
people are in pain
keep on descending
people are insane
people are angry
they are not in tune
people are insane
and i guess i'm insane too

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