by Party Hospital

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released May 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Party Hospital New York, New York

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Track Name: Hiroshima
spit blood on a cross of mud
death waits
while we break bread with snakes

there's a blood stain on a white rug
is there a reason that the skin is hanging off of your skull?

born out of the filth
here comes a full grown pig
shooting at the black of the back of your wig
you don't need to think
your brains are in the sink

i won't bleed / yes you will
i can't breath / yes you can
i will die / no you won't
i don't care / yes you do

i need a samurai
to cut the corners of your mind
i need a nuclear war head to bring this planet back to life

i don't care
Track Name: Thumb Skin
loose the fur
the reptilian skin is in
jesus christ
tease the mice
and wear the skin of a think skinned wife

god is great
hold your tongue
he can save you if you're...

clean the tub
and take a bath full of pee and blood
holy ghost
roll the host
and burn god in a slice of toast

god is great
hold your tongue
he can save you if you're dumb
he can see you through the walls
slowly scrolling with your thumb

you wanna go where the heights are low
you wanna go where the lights don't glow

loose the fur
the reptilian skin is in
thought ahead and sawed the head
and chewed my thumb skin raw and red
Track Name: Low Budget Funeral
wally wants to live
can't afford to die
oh he's not really dying
there's just something in his eye
i don't mean to preach
but he's bruising like a peach
he's tired and he's sick
but no one's paying for his treats

he can't afford to die

wally's got a lump
wally's gonna die
he fought in vietnam
always faithful
semper fi
but never made the loot
won't get buried in a suit
he'd be lucky if they burned him
stuffed his ashes in a boot

he can't afford to die

can't afford to die yeah
he's alive yeah
wasting all of his time in the nice air

wally's in the ground
right behind the bank
didn't have a wake
it was raining when he sank
never mind the naval gazing
never mind the sighs
can't afford to die
cannot fortify
can't afford to die

he can't afford to die
Track Name: Honey Parade
come and see this show
it’s got a killer in it
he’s got a knife
he sticks a pillow with it
turns it slow
and lets the feathers lick it
find a dirty flirt
thirty lies forty nights

come and kiss the cook
shes making honey lips
shes burning daddy’s bread
first she jests then she drips
find a flaw
and let the birdie have it
plucking feathers
it’s becoming such a dirty habit

mean old rabbit
clean those habits
we won’t have it
eat those carrots

sixty tiny secrets surround you
gnaw away the bone that used to give you such a boost
thats why they
sit there and discuss all your tattoos
talk about your blemishes your pictures and your penmanship
Track Name: Black Glow
burn a young witch
on an old stake
feel a tongue twitch
scratching at a cut with a rake

dug a hot hole
with a cold spoon
she’s a cold soul
used my hand to pick at her gloom

carve a pig snout
in your left palm
get the kids out
shoot until the devil is gone

there’s a black glow
on a white lake
when you fight fate
all you do widen the scrape

cut your eye and pick at the wound

there’s a big cloud
and it’s dark grey
now it’s jet black
black enough to cover your cracks

not a setback
get a wetnap
there’s a back room
cut your eye and pick at the wound
Track Name: Benton KY
never sleeps
says that he will never die
dancing all alone
finger in the devils pie
fat face
tuba in the case
only tagged 2 bodies there were numerous escapes

death sold cheap to the youth
more guns more sheep in the booth
Track Name: Dry On Hugs
give it to us
please just give it to us
oh god please just give it to us
i don’t want to beg
i just want to eat your egg
i want to believe in your heart
there’s not another way into the dark

she walked so close
but she couldn’t keep that ghost
but she couldn’t keep that close

i just want to eat your egg
iI don’t want to beg
i don’t want to eat your leg
i just want to see what’s inside your head

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