Party Hospital

by Party Hospital

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i don't want it but i need it
got a lot of little martyrs on the venus
but the ship sinks so fast
go cast
those stones
sniffy bloody nose broke


she's got a good
cold cold cold heart
goes straight to the crows
goes stoned
doors closed
wristbands for the shows
flinch so loud
now IV's drip like rainclouds

just sick
heart rates swift
cold hands
and the larvae shifts
feel dunce (head)
haven't laugh in months
can't feed it
gotta count my cuts


released May 5, 2016


all rights reserved



Party Hospital New York, New York

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Track Name: Whole Milk
it goes 1,2,3, dadda-me's dadda me's
been to the park
been overseas
i eat my cookies and my lunchabees
i know my numbers and my A,B,C's

mr. q
get up
i got the strangest feeling
there's no milk in my cup
we got the whole milk ready
but i'm over the taste
cause i'm a big boy
never stuck in one place
Track Name: Curses
we're breaking bells on ya
we're placing spells on ya
now you're a ghost on his way to california
stack your bones super careful in a circle
then we dance to tchaikovsky concerto

we got moves that will give you life
it goes
left right
now we're sick we take it back like

we're so in love with her
we're smearing blood with her
the pale bride dressed in black on the comforter
we paint an X on her face with gazelle milk
then we burn down the church till the bell melts

we got moves that will give you life
it goes
left right
now we're sick we take it back like

let's go down to the well
throw a penny in it
then forget it
cause we don't wish on a star like geppetto
if we want to see you face down in a meadow
Track Name: Bath Time
dripping into little pieces
chrome in the creases
cold intravenous
fold in the cream
my disease is the cleanest
lines from the movie
white like jacuzzi

new jacuzzi tub
bubbles clean the mud

bath time
quater past nine
cars and trucks
pass by
run the water
warm as can be
soap bubbles
calm as the sea
Track Name: 717 Pieces
run to the bottom shelf
no presser
big box
filled with treasure
8 bags
dump them out
this is stuff i get pumped about
2 boats
4 sharks
6 mans
now it's back to the promised land

717 pieces
15 pieces
little tiny pieces for jesus

pour plastic for shiny jesus's
yellow god of the tiny fetuses
here kitty kitty
you lost on the city
such pity
it's over now
look over your shoulder now
we're colder than cobra's

717 pieces
14 pieces
little tiny pieces for jesus

717 pieces
15 pieces
little tiny pieces for jesus

peep blue
it's like the deepest of seas
717 make us complete
smash it unique
killing these freaks
fastened for fame
passing you lames
like smash
then you trashing the game
put it to bed
painting these bullets with lead
pull it for bread
step and it's over your head

717 pieces
16 pieces
little tiny pieces for jesus

717 pieces
17 pieces
little tiny pieces for jesus
Track Name: Scaphism (The Boats)
bees are coming

honey in your eyes, ears, nose and mouth

we strap you down to the boat let the bugs get at you
Track Name: Ravens In The Waiting Room
waves keep crashing
ravens laughing
clouds taste black
her cuts are just for fashion

skin from the mask
on the shoreline
used to have holes for imperfect horns
devil takes a bite out of lovesick teens
(don't die)
when we died
we were just 16
moss grows fast on the pony
because it doesn't move
i think its teeth just grew
pull the crows from the fire
so we can smoke black beaks
for a week in denial

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